At Gearbox Repairs Bellair we have been specialising in gearboxes for 25 years.

Our team and family is our core strength, and Gearbox Repairs Bellair has built its reputation thanks to the continued hard work of its team.

Jackie Egan is the heart of the business, working in mechanics for over 40 years. He is joined by Philip Dixon who now has over fifteen years experience in specialist gearbox repairs. Paul Egan, a fledgling mechanic, is now an apprentice with great skills, adding value to this strong team.

Jackie started this small business in 1980 as a local mechanic. He soon specialised in gearbox repair and it has grown from there. With an eclectic mix of skills and mechanics Jackie has just about fixed anything you can think of!

From roadside repairs to harvest-time rescues of heavy machinery, Jackie and Philip alike have many stories to tell and many tools to boot.

A small garage to some, Gearbox Repairs Bellair is located in the heart of Ireland, making it accesible for all corners of the country.

In addition to our workshop activities, we also provide: